dimecres, 20 de gener de 2010

LET'S GO! UNIT 3 Revision

Hello! Are you ready to review UNIT 3?

Do the following exercises to practice:

1. VOCABULARY : Family members. Click here!

2. GRAMMAR: have got / has got. Click here!

3. This is more difficult!! GRAMMAR and VOCABULARY: Pets, family, and have got. Click here!

4. Order sentences with HAVE GOT. Click here!

5. Short answers with HAVE GOT. Click here!

6. BE or HAVE GOT. Click here!

7. SOME, ANY, A, AN. Click here!

8. Have fun with the Simpsons!!. Click here!

9. Practice the COLOURS. Click here! And a crossword. Click here!

10. GAME: The colour test. Click here!
Finally.... write a comment on which activity you enjoyed the most!!!

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Aula oberta de l'IES Llobregat ha dit...

Well, I to liked the colors